Your Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

When women get pregnant, they experience a lot of weird changes in their bodies between the first and 42 weeks. For first-time to be parents, these pregnancy symptoms can be surprising and unexpected. Although pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person, there are some symptoms which are common and almost faced by every pregnant woman. Pregnancy is basically divided into three trimesters, where each trimester is a little longer than 13 weeks. When you are pregnant, you might have some questions regarding what will happen week by week. Are you also looking for a guide which is packed with lots of useful information? If yes, then read this blog carefully as it will cover the information from week one to week 42

Week 1 to week 4

There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have any of those symptoms at all, as it might take some more weeks to show up. If you are looking for the best breast clinic, fetal medicine, gynaecology services, vaccination, neonatology, paediatrics, or high-risk pregnancy treatment services in Ahmedabad, then get in touch with us today.

Week 5 to week 8

Hormone imbalance comes up with a lot of changes and feelings, mainly in week five. Your emotions may change from extreme sadness to extreme happiness for no conceivable reason. Moreover, week six comes up with one of the deadliest symptoms, which is morning sickness and nausea. Your sensitive sense of smell can further aggravate this dizziness that leads you towards food cravings and aversions. This symptom sticks around until the second trimester and then the woman starts facing other unexpected symptoms. Those weeks are very sensitive, hence you must be in touch with your gynaecologist to avoid high pregnancy complications and post-delivery health complications. KD Blossom Hospital offers the best women's treatment care services in Ahmedabad. Get in touch with us today to find out more about us. Moreover, frequent urination is another symptom that you might experience during weeks 6 to 8. Another most common symptom is extra saliva in your mouth, and headaches are common as well.

Week 9 to week 12

In week 9, the most common symptom you experience during week 9 to week 12 is an affected digestive system, excess gas, and constipation. In week 10, some women experience a radiant "pregnancy glow," but at the same time, having acne is also common due to hormonal changes. Kind If you are facing any kind of pregnancy complications and are looking for an OB/Gynec doctor in Ahmedabad, then connect with KD Blossom Hospital today. If you are pregnant, you might notice that your breasts and belly are getting bigger week by week. As your baby bump grows, you might feel aches and cramps in your abdominal area. This ligament pain can be unconformable, but this is completely common and fine during week 11. Your veins are also visible during week 12 and especially noticeable in lighter-skinned people.

Week 13 to week 16

Week thirteen means the end of the first trimester and it's here that you might start to notice some unexpected and completely weird symptoms. You may feel dizzy and uneasy during the whole day. You can handle that dizziness by hydrating yourself well and changing your position slowly. The second trimester is known as the "easiest" trimester. Also, many women experience increased appetite, higher sex drive, and renewed energy during those weeks. You must follow your doctor's guidance and fitness routine to get ready for the third trimester, as this can be hard for you, especially if you are giving birth for the first time. During weeks 15 to 16, you might experience leg aches, a stuffy nose, and sensitive gums. Moreover, about 90% of pregnant women experience darkening of the skin around their inner thighs, nipples, navel, armpits, and so on.

Week 17 to week 20

Backaches are very common during weeks 17 and 20, but if you are experiencing more extreme back pain than usual, you must consult your doctor to avoid pregnancy complications. Many women start feeling their baby kick between weeks 17 and 20, and their belly likely looks pregnant. Your breast also begins to increase in size as it gets prepared to make breast milk. In addition to that, weight gain is also common, and some pregnant women experience heartburn during the second trimester. If you are also feeling those uncomfortable symptoms, then try having smaller meals and staying upright after eating. Also, avoid eating spicy, greasy, and acidic foods. Looking for the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad? Connect with KD Blossom Hospital today.

Week 21 to week 24

You might feel slight ligament pain for a while, and this will increase as the baby grows. Furthermore; you might feel sharpness in some of your body parts, such as your hips, abdomen, groin, and so on, because they stretch to accommodate your growing uterus. During weeks 22 and 23, you will often notice thicker and faster-growing nails. All this happens because of increased progesterone. Here, you must not forget to take your prenatal vitamins to be healthy and fit during pregnancy. During these weeks, you might be dealing with leg cramps, increased vaginal discharge, headaches, stretch marks, brain fog, and constipation. Some pregnant women still have sex drive during these weeks, while others feel too sore to try anything.

Week 25 to week 28

Do your fingers and hands feel tingly? If so, then you might be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a result of fluid retention and normal swelling. You might have trouble sleeping as you are nearing the third trimester, and this can be because of leg cramps, general discomfort, or anxiety. frequent urination and so on. Therefore, if you face any of those symptoms, then do not worry as this is completely common and happens to 90% of pregnant women. During the beginning of the third trimester, some women often experience haemorrhoids. This can be itchy as it increases the blood flow and pressure. Therefore, having a high-fibre diet and plenty of fluid intake is essential during the second and third trimesters to get relief from haemorrhoid pain. If you are experiencing bad hemorrhoid pain, then kindly see your doctor as soon as possible.

Week 29 to week 32

During this week, your body starts preparing to feed your baby after giving birth, and hence you might notice yellowish colostrum leaking from your breast. The blood pressure also increases between 29 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. If you are experiencing itchiness, swelling, and heartburn, then it might not have subsided yet. Furthermore; if you have stretch marks like other pregnant women, they might be getting more pronounced as well. You have left first trimester symptoms behind, but there are also chances that you feel the same symptoms as in the first trimester, such as cramps, backaches, frequent urination, breast tenderness, and so on. After completing 20 weeks of pregnancy, your body might produce contractions known as Braxton Hicks, which usually last between 30 seconds and two minutes.

Week 33 to week 36

As your child grows, they put pressure on your internal organs, resulting in leaky bladder, shortness of breath, general discomfort, and heartburn. Moreover, there are many people who experience abdominal pain at the top of their uterus, which is a normal symptom because of the growing uterus. If you feel pain that is not bearable, then you must talk to the best OB/Gyne near you to ensure you will not face any kind of complications in the near future. Usually, this kind of pain is worse, especially when the baby kicks, but it is completely normal.

Week 37 to week 42

At this stage, your baby starts moving from one position to another, and this might lead you to pelvic discomfort along with increasing abdominal pressure. Here, you might also notice a little spotting after sex, but nothing to worry about. This is a sign of an enlarged and sensitive cervix. Still, if you are bleeding like a period, then you must see your doctor as it can create complications in your delivery process. There are a number of experienced gynaecologist doctors in Ahmedabad whom you can connect with if you are experiencing any of those symptoms. Around these weeks, most pregnant women lose their mucus plug, and this can be harmful for you and your baby. Therefore, it is essential to continue to take care of yourself during this time.

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